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Chess Rock Duo provides new soundtrack and format for the game.

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Benjamin Blundercheck and the Poisoned Pawn have created a new genre: CHESS ROCK! To our knowledge, it is the first collection of songs completely about the game of chess (aside from, perhaps CHESS THE MUSICAL from the 70's). We have thirteen foundational anthems of the game to release into the world in hopes they will get stuck in your head and improve your play! You can download two singles for free NOW on our home page, and can also check out the video for Blundercheck!

The full album will be released November 4 at the ALBUM RELEASE CHESS RIOT, which you are invited to attend and compete if you wish in a friendly unrated event with a musical soundtrack and cash prizes. Details and registration is on the CHESS RIOTS page!

The Chess Riot format combines a concert atmosphere with a casual chess tournament to provide a different type of environment for players to enjoy the royal game. The tournament will be a swiss system with increasing time controls and a twist of luck with "Musical Chess," an elimination event worth extra tournament points!

Benjamin Blundercheck & The Poisoned Pawn hope to tour the country and the world, bringing their chess rock to fans of all ages and skill levels and providing a unique tournament experience!

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