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The Inaugural CHESS RIOT!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Actually, this was not the ORIGINAL Chess Riot. The first event of this kind was held at my home in Hampton, VA in July 2022. The event was a fun success, but was rained out with an enthusiastic but relatively low attendance. Skip ahead to Januaray 2023 and we completely maxed out the Hampton History Museum with a wide open space for chess players to unite and enjoy Rock n Roll as their games of chess progressed throughout the afternoon!

The video below was captured by August Media to show what went down and what could be the beginning of a worldwide tour. Skip ahead to November 4, 2023 and the next Chess Riot includes an album release of PURE 100% CHESS ROCK!

I have so many people to thank for helping out with the inaugural event to make it the success it was. Many people learned to play chess from scratch thanks to Rod Fett, and my tournament director Sorel Utsy provided quality help with such an unexpected rush of a crowd that day. Hampton Roads Chess Association helped out with the equipment that day and helped promote. Also, we learned a lot about what worked and what did not, and the next one solid to handle and rock slew of chess fanatics that come through the door!

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